An extremely common concern I get from the parents I work with is that they find themselves yelling at their kids and don’t know how to stop. Oftentimes they feel the solution must lie in their children’s behavior, but in today’s episode I’m going to show you how that’s not actually the answer. 

Let’s dive in as I share:

  • How yelling at our kids really doesn’t have as much to do with their behavior as we think, and what is actually behind it
  • Why the brain is like a metal detector
  • What your own self talk tells you about your parents’ self talk
  • How you can empower yourself in your parenting, not by looking for more patience, but by becoming more aware of your own self-talk
  • How we subconsciously try to heal old wounds in present time
  • And how by becoming more aware of your own self-talk, you can change the way you parent your kids.

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