What if I told you there was a real unicorn in Paris you could visit? Well, hold your horses, because there isn’t really a unicorn in Paris! But for children, and not just young children, that might be totally believable. Why is that?

A child’s mind is full of imagination and floats along to the whimsical tune of adventuring through a totally unexplored (to them) world, and it really seems magical to them. Their minds are impressionable and vulnerable, and can be easily made to believe in things grownups don’t believe in. This is a double-edged sword, because the mind that’s experiencing life for the first time, and all its wonderful magical sensations, is also experiencing tricky emotions for the first time.

The “unicorn in Paris” bit is a reminder that when you are trying to help a child navigate their emotions, you are helping to mentor someone with an undeveloped, impressionable mind — and it’s not their fault, as it’s literally how they’re born and it won’t be developed until … it is. Reach into emotional adulthood. If you did not have help learning to navigate your own tricky emotions as a child, learn how to do it now so that you can be the person your child needs. You’ve got this!

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