Yell Less, Love more

Get your kids to listen and stop yelling forever. I’ll teach you the tools to get your kids to listen to basic things like going to bed, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and doing homework … without ever having to yell or nag or complain. This free 30-day Parenting Boot Camp on Facebook Groups includes daily assignments that just take 5-10 minutes. Tasks done daily to create compound effect. After this Boot Camp, you will:

Stop Having To Repeat Yourself 100x For Simple Tasks

Find More Peace At Home

Enjoy An Enhanced Connection With Your Family

Have More Fun With Less Nagging

For Just 30 Days A Few Minutes A Day, have more fun at home with your amazing kids

Learn how to stop yelling at your kids and get them to actually listen and have harmony in your home. It is possible! I will go over the exact steps to make this happen in our FREE Boot Camp using my counseling, teaching and parenting expertise and experiences.

It’s parenting with judgment-free time! I’m not going to tell you the right and wrong way to parent, but to unleash the parenting expert living inside of you because your children are going to teach you where you need to grow the most. Stop seeking perfection in your kids or in your parenting. Learn how to overcome that and live in grace instead.

I’m giving you everything I have for 30 days. Show you how I went from a stress mess to a fun, calm parent. I’ll go live and tell you real-life examples when my kids lost it and what I did so I didn’t lose it. All you need to do is show up. The more you show up, the more you’ll learn.

Joy and harmony in a home is the only goal … no judgment, no finger-pointing!