Many of my clients come to me with holes in their spirit from their parents who may have been neglectful, emotionally disconnected or suffering from their own emotional literacy struggles.  They took their parents’ opinion of them as fact and forget to recognize that their parents were just projecting how they felt about themselves onto the child and we have that same power today with our own children.

I love to remind clients that they came THROUGH their parents and not FROM their parents and their umbilical cord was attached to something much deeper and higher level before they were in their mother’s womb.  

In this episode I teach parents how to come to the parent child relationship as a WHOLE person and not try to fill their HOLES using their children and spouse as a pawn to act as a filler to their holes; that is an inside job and not a responsibility we can give to another person.  I teach parents how to let go of yesterday and create a new tomorrow of their own beliefs so they can project all of that abundance onto their own children.

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