Becoming a conscious parent has changed so much for me, and I have been teaching these strategies and techniques to other parents for years. It all starts with recognizing and beginning to heal your own wounds and triggers so that you can become a conscious parent, too. 

Our brains subconsciously are drawn toward repeating patterns from childhood and reinjuring ourselves, trying to heal them. These old wounds though, if left unhealed, will play out in our interactions with our kids. The great news is that there is so much that can be changed when we become conscious of it.  

In today’s episode, I’m sharing:

  • My own transformation from guilt to relief and empowerment when I started down the conscious parenting path
  • A reminder for you that there is nothing wrong with your child, or yourself, but that your children will teach us where we need to grow the most
  • The ways that, in an effort to protect us, our brains actually work against us
  • How many thoughts a day we have (it’s way more than you think!), of which 95% are unconscious ones
  • My own old subconscious thoughts and wounds that I realized were being brought to the surface when my kids would “act out”
  • What part of the day is the best for mindset work because the brain is most malleable then

Let’s dive in!


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