The three top answers I get from parents I work with when I ask what qualities they want in their children are happiness, confidence, and kindness.

Unfortunately, our instinct as parents is usually to notice and point out and scold the things our kids do that AREN’T happy, confident, and kind instead of pointing out the times that they are. In today’s episode, I want to remind you that your child wants your attention and develops their self-worth from you because it’s all they know. I also want to remind you that what you focus on expands: if you keep seeing the ways they aren’t being happy, confident, and kind then you will continue to see more evidence of that. 

However, if you focus on, praise, and recognize the times (even if they are small at first!) that they are acting the way you want them to then THAT will expand as well!

In today’s episode I’m sharing:

  • How Tony Robbins’s principles apply to parenting, too!
  • Examples of actionable steps you can take to start positively shaping your child’s behavior and self-worth

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