I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t balance all that life was throwing at me. I was buried in mommy guilt, a toddler who wouldn’t stop crying and she seemed scared of her own shadow.  If we went on play dates or a birthday party, then Lily would cling to my leg and seemed unsteady if I talked to another adult.

Then that all changed after a life changing trip to South Carolina with David to see his parents.  Today you will learn more about:

  • How something as simple as hummingbirds became a staple concept in our home
  • How I was addicted to busy and let go of that addiction
  • How I learned to underwhelm our schedule to overwhelm our hearts with what we wanted everyday
  • How I was buffering with busy
  • How my frenetic energy was getting in the way of Lily’s throbbing spirit

Send me a message about how you have been addicted to busy in your own life.

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