I don’t have the words to describe the grief.

I am still in a state of shock and can’t believe I’m about to say this out loud, but our sweet, kind, loving, salt of the earth and amazing father has earned his angel wings to heaven.

Our hearts are shattered and our world feels like it has crumbled around us because he’s our best friend and held our family together like glue with his incessant and unwavering unconditional love.

He left a hole in our hearts the size of the Grand Canyon and now he is in heaven watching over us with that same unconditional love.

There aren’t words to describe how incredible he was and I pray I was able to convey his goodness and his heart with all of my pictures and stories about him .

He has left a legacy of love that we will spend our entire lifetime to live out in living color to show all of his goodness through us all.

We are going to rewind back to when he was on the podcast in a 2 part series because he drops so much truth and wisdom and doesn’t even realize it. 

He led with unconditional love and how he was about everything and we can learn from his heart! Thanks for holding the space for us as we find our footing again navigating these unstable waters.

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