Do you ever overthink about a decision or how to go about bringing change into your life.  

For example, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds so you spend an inordinate time studying meal plans/workout routines/touring gyms to find just the right one.  

Then it is 2 months later and you’re  still spinning in the same process and haven’t taken any action towards the goal and have added on 5 more pounds. This has happened to me and so many of my clients so I know the game we all play.

I will help you understand where this comes from and I promise you it doesn’t come from your worthiness, lack of discipline or being inherently lazy. We will unpack this together to give you more freedom and authority in your life. This will create a sense of inner pride that will be felt like a rainbow and lightness that will enter your 4 walls to have more harmony in your home.

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