Do you ever feel nervous to feel happy because your next thought is to feel like the other shoe is about to drop?

This is normal and we are going to explain a little further why our brain puts up road blocks when we feel joy.

Conversely, we could have one negative thought like my 5 year old son got a behavior note home from school and within minutes we are spiraling into stinking thinking’. We can get the note and spiral into the worst case scenario like we are failing as a parent and  he won’t ever get into college or have any friends because of his behavior. 

And if he doesn’t have any friends nor go to college then he will never move out and be living in our basement forever on the couch playing video games smoking weed.

See how sneaky our brains are?  It can happen in seconds or minutes!

Today we will give examples and what to do when the catastrophizing brain takes over and sends us down rabbit holes we don’t want to go down.

Hopefully today will be just what you needed to hear to make parenting feel a little lighter so you can have more harmony in your home.

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