Is there anything worse than a child having a tantrum in a store? Sometimes it is easier to just give in just to avoid the glares and stares from the other customers.

If you are out and about and your child loses their mind then I have just the solution for you to not make it stress you out so much. Public tantrums are hard for us because we have an underlying narrative that we are a bad parent that runs on loop in the background.  

So when they tantrum in public we think everyone else around us is thinking we are a horrible parent because we’re not controlling our child. THIS IS NORMAL to feel this way!!  But I want to reassure you that it’s all projection. 

When we are tempted to give in just to make the tantrums stop we think it’ll make the tantrum end, but  it creates a vicious cycle of being a lollipop mom. I’ll explain exactly what that is today and how to avoid it.

Hopefully today will be just what you needed to hear to make parenting feel a little lighter so you can have more harmony in your home.

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