Do you ever worry about how you’re doing as a parent?

If so, then join the club. I don’t think I’ve ever met a parent that doesn’t worry about their kids or how they are doing as a parent.

It is very normal to worry.  We love our kids so much and being their parent is one of the most vulnerable feelings we will ever have in life. 

The brain doesn’t like to feel vulnerable.  As soon as the brain gets a whiff of vulnerability then it sends in the troops to set up a worry stand to blockade those vulnerable feelings of rawness and kick them to the curb.

Sometimes when things are moving and grooving and life feels content for a nanosecond then the brain will actually start to borrow worry to reminds us to not feel too much joy or it’ll be stolen from us like has happened in the past in other settings or relationships.

Today you will learn how we can embrace the worry bear a little bit more and not be mad at it so it wont have such a hold over us.  

As always, hopefully today will be just what you needed to hear to make parenting feel a little lighter so you can have more harmony in your home.

PS  “If you’re worried about being a good parent then that means you already are a good parent.” – Unknown

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