We are talking about what makes us blow our top!

How come our kids can do something which makes us ragey, but if we hear about another kid doing the same thing we are all soft and mushy about it?  

Like if our 4 year old niece or nephew  secretly cut their hair and butcher it,  we think it’ll lead to a cute story later in life, but if our kids cut their hair at 4 then we lose our minds and want to ban scissors in the house for life.

Today I’ll unpack triggers and how to be aware of them. Together, we will learn how to diffuse them vs detonate them at every turn and then blame our kids for our behavior.  

When we don’t recognize our own behavior then it’s a lot easier to blame the 4 year old vs looking within. 

The only problem with blaming a 4 year old for our side of the street is we give all of our emotional power to a 4 year old. 

 I love 4 year olds, but if I can’t trust them to walk through the house with a sharpie marker, then I’m definitely not going to give them the kids to all of my emotional power.  

Hopefully today will be just what you needed to hear to make parenting feel a little lighter so you can have more harmony in your home.

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