“Okay Kelly, what’s with the spooky title?” Well, let’s talk about this.

If you had a rough time in your childhood, you may have bad memories of a parent or guardian, a family member, a teacher, or perhaps bad memories from a combination of these people. One of the “default settings’ you experience as a parent is that, the instant one of your children manifests a behavior you dislike — it could be not sharing toys, crying in Target, taking candy from a store as a 3-year-old child — your brain will go straight toward “oh no, they’re going to be just like [triggering person].”

Here’s the thing, though …

Your child is their own throbbing spirit. They have their own “soul contract,” their own deal with the Universe outlining how their life will be. They don’t need to be treated like the ghost of a bad situation you lived in, and they certainly don’t want it!

As you take steps to honor your child’s individuality, you will see a decline in your own ghost parenting habits. I promise on a stack of Bibles: the work is worth it.

Remember: you’ve got this!

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