If you’ve followed my recent episodes, we’ve been talking about your blueprint for love which you absorbed as a child, as well as why you might want to alter your blueprint and how to do that. Sometimes, when you become a parent yourself, you feel lost because you don’t have that framework. So, in this episode, I’d like to offer some tips for reparenting yourself — giving yourself that missing framework of a healthy parent-child dynamic as a reference for parenting your children.

In this context I’m focusing specifically on healing your old wounds in the present by modeling good parenting for yourself and talking to your inner child in your capacity as a parent. Reparenting is not about becoming someone different; it’s about going back to how you were before unhealthy programming got superimposed onto your mind.

I found a guide at https://hopefulpanda.com/how-to-reparent-yourself/ complete with a lovely infographic about some steps to take, which I loved. There are a lot of ways to reparent yourself, and you may need to try a lot of things consistently over time and record the results (write down what you tried and what happened) to get a feel for your needs, but you will feel better as you do.

Most importantly: when in doubt, look to your child’s throbbing spirit — because your child will remind you of your inner child.

If you’re worried about messing up your kids, don’t worry. You aren’t as powerful as you think. You aren’t powerful enough to mess this parenting gig up. That is so liberating! It allows you to start parenting from love instead of pressure, and when you parent from love, you can reparent yourself as well.

Remember: you’ve got this!

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