How can I design my own blueprint for love?

Last week we talked about the formation of your own “blueprint” for love, which is derived from the way you experienced life as a child and teenager. Most of the components of your blueprint come from the interactions you had with your parents and other family members.

In this episode, I want to talk in more detail about the new and exciting opportunity offered to you (now that you’ve become the care-giver) to form a blueprint for love to pass on to your children.

I’d like to emphasize his point, because I know before I “awoke” and learned to chill out a little, I was constantly stressing about teaching them everything they needed to know. The fact is, if you pay attention, your kids are going to teach you more than you’ll teach them. By nature, children only know how to give love unconditionally. They do not know how to have ill intent or hold grudges. When you need a reminder of true, pure love … look to your kids.

Remember: you’ve got this!

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