What’s the most demanding workout you’ve ever experienced?

I’ve been through some really grueling physical training, both while playing soccer and for personal fitness purposes. But I think the workout that has kicked my butt the hardest is … drumroll please … MEDITATION.

Yeah. It’s hard stuff — especially for me and my ADHD brain! Why is meditation so difficult?

In this episode, I’ll discuss the motivations you may have for practicing meditation. There are A LOT of good reasons for doing it! I’ll also talk about the obstacles you’ll face, and how to surmount the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that make this workout so hard for me, for you, and for everybody. Finally, I’ll discuss the rewards you’ll feel as you meditate. I promise on a stack of Bibles that, as you cultivate a sincere relationship with the Divine and with yourself, you will feel more in tune with your best self.

Remember: you’ve got this!

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