How can you help your kids deal with anger and frustration?

I asked you all on Facebook: what are some of the most difficult emotions for your kids? The results came back overwhelmingly pointing toward anger and frustration. This is totally understandable. Why? Because kids feel the exact same emotions, in the same amounts, that you do! Unfortunately, their circumstances are stacked against them: first, it’s their first time experiencing tricky emotions, so to them it seems worse than it actually is. Second, they don’t yet have the words to express their emotions. Third, they don’t yet have a way to process or cope with their emotions. The first of these issues will get better as they gain life experience, but the second and third require your help!

As a preface to my summary, consider this: your #1 job as the parent is to remain calm, like a flight attendant on a turbulent flight (see episode 107). When they go red, stay green. Their behavior is a reflection of them in the moment, not a reflection of you.

In this episode, I’ll touch on strategies for addressing your children’s anger. These techniques range from agreeing with the emotion (NOT the behavior; again, the emotion) to sharing a gentle lesson by mentioning a time when you were very angry. As you arm yourself and your children with the tools you need to identify and process your emotions in healthy ways, and consistently practice strategies for diffusing (not suppressing) anger and frustration, you and your family will notice the difference.

Remember: you’ve got this!

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