Do you ever wonder, “why do I lose it over tiny things my kids do?”

There’s an idiom for this behavior, which is called “kicking the dog.” This expression can be summed up in this way: a person who has stressful circumstances or injustice foisted upon them will, in turn, lash out at people under their care. It can be summed up even more succinctly if we want: hurt people hurt people! Isn’t it ironic, too, that we often yell the most at the people we love the most?

In this episode, I will discuss some of the factors that might lead you to lose your cool with your kids. I will touch on the immediate consequences you probably feel, such as guilt and shame. I will talk about some developmental consequences for your children (the short story is: monkey see, monkey do). And most importantly, I will try to help you recognize some of your triggers and give you strategies to avoid “kicking the dog.”

I’m not just the president of the “harmony in the home” club; I’m a client as well! I guarantee you that if you take upon yourself the commission to rule your own emotions rather than be ruled by them, you will feel better about yourself and your relationship with the people within your four walls. As you consistently apply principles for managing your emotions, you WILL see results.

Remember, you’ve got this!

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