Just how do you deal with the incessant, insufferable noise from your inner critic?!

Everybody has a “mean girl” or “mean guy” inside of them. It is often a voice of profound negativity — not of deliberately malicious intent, it just constantly reminds you that you’re Not Good Enough. The voice of the inner critic keeps you operating in your comfort zone and out of what it perceives as dangerous circumstances. But the comfort zone is the last place you should be if you are intent on growing and making changes in your life!

In this episode, I’m giving a shout-out to Melissa Ambrosini’s book Mastering Your Mean Girl, which details her process of coming to terms with her inner “mean girl,” since it has been a valuable tool for me. I’ll be discussing some of the many ways your inner “mean girl” can exercise a chokehold on your life. I’ll summarize Melissa’s four-step CAST process for identifying and engaging with your inner “mean girl.” (I named mine Edith, and you get to name yours as well!) And I’ll be discussing how you can leverage that “mean girl” power for productive, healthy ends.

The best part of learning to deal with your inner “mean girl” or “mean guy” is that as you bring her or him into compliance with the other parts of your inner Self, you will find that you are kinder and more compassionate to other people within your four walls. Isn’t that crazy?! As you love yourself, you will be able to love others better. That’s awesome.

You’ve got this!

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