First off: no, I’m not announcing a sponsor partnership with Kodak! But I am going to wax a little nostalgic for a second. I promise this is building to a point.

Years ago, when we had to use film cameras, we’d take our film roll and get it developed at the store and then we’d be able to look at it and pick the shots we wanted printed. Kodak did a whole marketing campaign about the “Kodak moments,” those incomparable slivers of joy found in the little moments documented on film, it was a whole thing.

So what does this have to do with making your children behave?! Well … let me explain!

Our kids teach us just as much as we teach them. You will come to realize that your children mirror your own emotions and thoughts and actions back to you; fundamentally, it’s monkey see, monkey do. This means that our assumptions and projections about our children often ultimately come true (so be careful what you think and how you act!).

This week comes with a challenge: I want you to “collect” some mental “Kodak moments” of good things that happen with your kids. Be aware of those times when they do the things they’re “supposed” to do. Praise them for the effort they put in rather than the result. As you work on doing this consistently, you will see a change in their behavior, and likely a change in your behavior as well. You’ve got this!

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