Have you ever felt guilty relaxing? I know I have!

When my kids were little, guilt about not being busy ruled my life. I scheduled us up to our ears in activities and plans. It was way too much for David and my kids! In time, I came to realize the value in taking things slow and relaxing now and again.

Relaxation, or “downtime” as I often call it, is an important tool to help you recharge and recalibrate between periods of work during the day. It can be spent alone, with friends, with your spouse, with your kids — there isn’t one formula that works for everybody.

In general, people have a hard time relaxing; they feel guilty that they’re not “being productive.” That’s an unfortunate side effect of our work-focused society. It saps the joy out of taking time for yourself and your loved ones — time you need in order to retain some sanity in this crazy world. My suggestion, which I describe in detail in this episode, is this:

You should be scheduling your time insofar as you are able to do so. Plan to take breaks, and plan when those breaks are. Then, after a block of “work time,” take that break and don’t feel guilty when you do! If you don’t finish everything you planned to do during a work block, you can adjust your break time accordingly.

Take a look at this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BKuSlstIBM) from Jordan Page to learn more about the “block schedule system” I discuss in this episode!

You’ve got this!

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