I thought this week would be wonderful to do a follow-up on teaching kids emotional literacy and self-regulation after last week’s episode. My title is, once again, alliteration. You know how I love it! Engaging with Grady as he plays sports and video games has been an exciting trip into the realm of new youth slang! He talks about using “strats” (strategies) to be a competent sportsman or gamer, and the need to stack or combine multiple “strats” for success.

In a similar fashion, as parents we have (for the 940 weeks, give or take, that the typical child lives at home) a golden opportunity to teach our children their own “strats,” especially when it comes to recognizing and regulating their emotions. As I repeat often, little kids feel all the big emotions for the first time, and they don’t have any of the coping mechanisms that older kids or grown adults have to manage that stress. We can set our children up for success by giving them “strats” to remain in control when a tricky emotion begins to overwhelm them.

In this episode I’ll talk about a few “strat” suggestions for you to model and embody in such a way that both you and your children will feel more empowered and calm when emotions are running high. Remember, you’re the flight attendant on their turbulent flight. Kids look to their parents to be the calming influence in their storm! As you consistently practice these “strats” with your kids (both with role-playing, and in live “tricky emotion” situations), you will find the power to be exactly the model of emotional literacy and self-regulation your kids need. You’ve got this!

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