This week I wanted to share a story about food — because, like, who doesn’t love food? This is also the story of a mutual aid effort I’m getting involved in. This program is called Lasagna Love, it’s now extended to all 50 states in the USA, and my family and I are enjoying this opportunity to spread random acts of kindness in the form of food.

Lasagna Love matches people who need food with people willing and able to make lasagna. Lasagna Love provides the recipe; a donor makes and delivers the lasagna to the person or people in need. And this isn’t always a financial need, either. Maybe the recipient recently had a baby or has a bunch of kids and is struggling to set the house in order.

And sometimes maybe a recipient doesn’t technically even “need” my lasagna, and that’s okay too. The beauty and perhaps the point of volunteering with Lasagna Love is not that I get to be the arbiter of Who Deserves To Have Food, but that I am able to spread joy to anybody who chooses to receive it. Knowing that I have made the world a little better is a reward in itself.

This program is also a low-stakes commitment, because you can make and deliver as many or as few lasagnas as you can handle. Once every three months? Perfect. Twice a week? Also perfect. If you’re looking for some way to teach your children about random acts of kindness, I definitely recommend volunteering with Lasagna Love.

Visit to learn more about the Lasagna Love mission.

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