The grass is always greener on the other side … right? WRONG!

On a slight tangent from last episode’s subject, I’ll be talking more about lessons learned during my first forays into coaching. I came to use the expression “Facebook grass” to refer to that bit of sweet sweet greenery in your neighbor’s metaphorical “yard” of social media — a beautiful, cultivated space that appears to be free of all the problems of your mundane and at times miserable existence.

When I was first meeting other coaches, it seemed they often resorted to “compare and despair” mode in their lives. “Did you see [friend]’s post? I have ABC locked down tight, but [friend] has XYZ and I don’t.”

I return once more to that evergreen (see what I did there?) adage: comparison is the thief of joy! And what’s more, do not be deceived by your neighbor’s verdant lawns. Believe it or not, your friends, family, and favorite influencers are all suffering from problems you don’t have and would not like to have. If you traded places, just like the mom and the daughter in Freaky Friday, you wouldn’t know how to handle each others’ issues!

As we discussed last episode, you have a unique opportunity to figure out what works in your life based on your circumstances. It will be different from everybody else’s, and that’s okay! Says writer Rebecca Sugar: “you are an experience; make sure you’re a good experience.” Own your experience, and create your parenthood and your life on your terms. As always, you’ve got this!

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