Parenting is an incredibly difficult task even under the best circumstances. I’m blessed to have the support of my husband David. Together, as we’ve adopted the conscious parenting model, we’ve been able to give more to parenting where it matters.

We’re learning to accept the inevitable truth of our children eventually leaving home to be adults. We’re learning that our responsibility is to give them grace and compassion while their brains are developing. We’re learning to be realistic in our expectations as they learn LITERALLY EVERYTHING for the first time, including failing at it frequently (see previous episode).

Most importantly, I believe, we’re learning to give ourselves the same abundance of kindness that we give our kids. We aren’t a perfect couple or perfect parents. We came to parenthood laden with baggage from growing up, as everyone does. We have had to learn about our and each other’s baggage. We’ve also had to unlearn many conscious and unconscious “parenting from fear and / or lack” behaviors rooted in our pasts. These behaviors hindered us in our divine stewardship as parents. They continue to hinder us, BUT it’s a lot easier now that we are CONSCIOUS of them.

Join us on this historic occasion as David, normally a man of few words, speaks on his side of the parenting process. We’ll talk about the importance of mutual rapport between spouses and how together we support our kids as they grow. I know my podcast isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so I hope that if you’re trying to parent consciously, this second perspective can help win your spouse to your cause. And believe me, it’s worth all the effort if you can. Team work makes the dream work!

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