How important is an opinion? Specifically, how important is an opinion about YOU? Some questions that come up a lot with my clients include: what do other people think about me? Am I good enough? Am I worthy? So this brings up an excellent question: why the fixation on other people’s opinions?

Now, before we even begin, let’s get one thing clear: the vast majority of people are not silently judging you. They are worried about what YOU think of THEM. That’s just how everybody is. So WHY is that the case?

In this episode, I’ll talk about the psychology of wanting to belong in the “in group”, the ways developmental trauma conditions us to look for external validation rather than internal motivation, and how as adults, we can exercise the mental muscle of spending our emotional energy worrying about what’s really important. Hint: what’s really important is NOT what other people think about you – not even your parents. (GASP!)

In addition, I’ll talk about the specific times and situations where you SHOULD care about other people’s opinions, and how to open a healthy, engaging dialogue with your partner, kids, and other important family members so you can have grace and compassion with each other as you grow together.

Here’s a link to the Wu Wei Wisdom Source video I reference in the episode:

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