What’s in a friend?

On social media I asked you about what attributes you look for in a friend. The biggest responses were LOYAL and HONEST. That’s no surprise. We have a natural instinct to surround ourselves with people who value us and tell the truth. In this episode, I want to encourage you to cultivate just such a friendship with your body.

Now, Byron Katie’s concept of loving “what is” applies here: as you come to love and accept your body, any changes you choose to make for your mental and physical health will be motivated in caring for your body rather than hating it.

Like last episode, I’ll be referring frequently to Brooke Castillo’s CTFAR model. Circumstances are the “as-is”, the objective reality from which your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results stem. The circumstances are what they are – but you have the privilege to choose your reaction. Take the reins.

Here is the link to all the goodies you need to dive into the A line, action. Message me and say “I’m in” and you can join our group to focus on the T line of the model with me for results to feel comfortable in your own skin. https://tinyurl.com/ALineOfTheModel

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