When I was unconscious — I mean, before I began my inner work of mind management and conscious parenting — the kindness (or lack thereof) of my kids was a big trigger for me. David and I decided to find ways to quietly, anonymously do service to others in the outside world and even within the walls of our home in order to teach them how to have an attitude of kindness.

Now, don’t get me wrong, kindness is still very important to me! But I had an exacting standard of behavior for my kids that even I as an adult couldn’t adhere to. That’s nutty nuts! Perfectionism is one of the most pernicious traps parents can fall into. Mommy guilt is a double dip of not-fun, because you get upset that your kids aren’t doing the thing (whatever the thing is), and then you get upset at yourself for getting upset. That’s no bueno.

So anyway, back to random acts of kindness. The intention was to teach our kids to be kind, and that worked — but in the end, WE learned to be kind as well. And we had little accountability partners to remind us to show kindness. Children are always watching, for better or for worse!

In this episode, I’ll read some of your social media responses, which I hope will inspire you and other listeners to take action and try doing something kind for another person today. As you manifest grace and compassion towards other people outside your four walls, you will see the results within as well.

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