I’ve noticed that there are two main groups into which all people fall in terms of handling tricky emotions: calzone people and Coke people. Allow me to explain.

First, there are calzone people, who hold in their emotions and suffer their grievances in silence until at last, all their metaphorical cheese and tomato sauce comes running out in a flood of tears. Then there are Coke people, who are like bottles of soda that keep getting shaken. Their fizzy agitation and anger is easily visible, and their anger ramps up to a show-stopping explosion. Chances are if you have multiple kids, you have at least one of each kind.

As always, we have a conundrum on our hands. How do we approach helping kids with different personalities process their emotions? Feeling my tricky emotions is hard for me, and I’m 46! I HAVE strategies to deal with feeling the feelings! And as we’ve talked about in prior episodes, our kids simply aren’t as far along as we are in this regard.

It’s illogical for us as parents to expect adult-like behavior out of our children, who are very much children in body, mind, and spirit. And it’s mission-critical that you approach your own tricky emotions with as much grace and compassion as you do when your kids manifest them. In this episode, I’ll help you suss out what kind of personality you have, talk to your kids and yourself about your emotions, and help you remember (as always) that it’s okay to feel those tricky emotions, whether you’re 4 or 46.

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