How do we help our children manage big emotions?

I recently helped Grady with homework. This boy is multiplying triple-digit numbers by triple digit numbers. I marveled at his skill with multiplication. It didn’t come naturally to him; he had to learn by trial and error, and nobody got mad at him when he didn’t know how to multiply big numbers.

Now, here’s the parallel. Our children experience the exact same ENORMOUS gamut of human emotions we experience, and they don’t have any strategies for dealing with their emotion. Imagine experiencing huge emotions, but not having the strategies you’ve developed in nearly 30 years of life! It would be BRUTAL. As parents, we have the opportunity and the duty to exercise grace and compassion as we teach our children how to manage big emotions.

Now, that’s not to say we want to remove emotion! If you’ve read the book or seen either film of The Stepford Wives, you know about the perfect housewives of Stepford. We do not want that in our children. We want them to have emotions — ALL emotions — but we want them to be able to process their emotions in a healthy way. So hit play and let’s dive in!

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