Technology surrounds us. Everyone has to have a phone so parents can keep track of their children, video game systems are everywhere – and with the pandemic, tablets and computers now play a major role in our kids’ education. Many parents are confused as to what the correct amount of screen time is for their children. Well, I’m here to demystify that for you, because I asked all the experts and pediatricians and made polls in parenting groups and asked a bunch of you.

Guess what transcendent truth I uncovered? I know EXACTLY how much screen time kids can have, by age. Here it is. Are you ready? The correct amount of screen time … will vary from child to child! Ha! Gotcha, didn’t I?! But it’s true, you and you alone have that stewardship, that responsibility, to determine what works for your kids.

The thing is, everybody’s “Goldilocks” style of parenting tailored to the needs of their kid(s) will look different. You have to (you GET to) choose how much time your kids are on devices, and you should love your reason for it or make whatever modifications you feel are necessary. You get to choose whether and how extra time is given. You get to choose SO. MANY. THINGS. Moral agency for parents AND children is the power to experiment (and even make mistakes sometimes). It’s a gift, so don’t waste it. 🙂

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