I recently cleaned out my closet. I donated and threw out years’ worth of buildup. All those clothes, personal effects, and trinkets that were causing me stress are (for the time being) under control! And WOW, it feels great. Life can be like that too. We get buried under tasks and appointments and literal physical stuff just like in my closet. If we don’t know how to get out from under the pile, it’s scary.

Now, I like to think of life as a school, an opportunity for me to become the best “me” I can be. My husband, my kids, everybody gets an opportunity to learn and grow. And luckily, lots of people have taken this test before, and they’re giving us their notes. What causes you agita? What stresses you out? There’s a book out there for that! And that’s because that author went on that journey and dealt with that struggle, and they know how to get their “closet” in order.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is our example. I read self-help and personal development literature, and then I encourage my children to read books in the same genre that are appropriate for their age and will teach them lifelong lessons. In this episode, I’ll discuss how I’ve incentivized reading to help my kids grow and become the best “them” they can be.

Remember, the best way to teach your child a behavior or help them develop a trait is to model it yourself. This is especially true in reading books. I get distracted. I procrastinate. But I still do it, and you can too! You’ve got this!







Remember, it’s okay to be B- at parenting. The real grade is how much you love your children, and no report card can show that. You’ve got this!

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