In finance, the term ROI or return on investment refers to the gains you make after putting money into your chosen investment form. In a similar fashion, you will see “gains” of a different kind as you “invest” in your family members.

In this episode, I’ll talk a bit about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages paradigm. In my relationship with David, it took me awhile to realize that my love language (words of affirmation) was not his love language (acts of service). Thankfully, we have been patient with each other through the process of learning each other’s needs, and we have grown as people and as a couple.

Learning the love language your spouse or child speaks, and learning to love them unconditionally without any expectation of reciprocation, are vital steps in cultivating healthy relationship dynamics. I have found that, as I show unconditional love to the people who matter to me, and as I work on “my side of the street,” my relationship with David and my kids and even the dog is better. I’m making great returns on my investment!

In episode 55, I discussed the “love cup” and how I used it with my students to help them cultivate a spirit of compassion and unconditional love for their peers. I taught them that they needed to have love for themselves in order to give love to others. By that same token, as you accept your flawsome (flawed and awesome) self and show yourself compassion, you will be able to make greater deposits to your spouse, your children, and other people who matter to you. Your returns will be incredible!

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