Cleaning and maintaining your house is an uphill climb every single day. It doesn’t come naturally to me! I am a C+ without any effort, and a B- with exceptional effort. But your relationship with your house is the same as your relationship with any other person in your life! Wild, huh? … Allow me to explain.

If you’re stressed, bitter, or angry because of a person, your relationship with them will feel strained. The house is neutral, but you can control your thinking about your house. The state of your house isn’t causing you stress, but your thoughts about your house definitely are.

There are a lot of reasons why mess or clutter is triggering. You may not know where to start. It provokes anxiety. It makes it hard to relax in your house. Disorganization disrupts daily living. It’s distracting, it makes you ashamed. I asked which of these possible scenarios resonates with you and a lot of you said “all of the above!”

But as you focus on choosing the thoughts you think in relation to your mess or clutter, you’ll begin to see that the tasks that trigger negative thoughts (which in turn trigger negative emotions) can be broken down into smaller tasks. The Pomodoro technique (we talked about this last episode) is great, for example.

But the key thing here, the takeaway I hope you get, is that ultimately, you are in control. You do have the power to clean and set the chaos in order, even if it’s just one room, or one closet, or one drawer. As you chip away at the never-ending cleaning, just like me — remember, I’m a B- on my good days — you’ll feel better. You’ve got this!

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