Let me tell you a tale of two teachers. When I was an intern, I worked under the mentorship of two different teachers with vastly different classroom styles. One had their room in immaculate condition with not a single object out of place; the other had a pretty cluttered (but clean) room. For both of these teachers, the state of their room was comfortable to them.

The same should be true of your house. I always say, borrowing Dr. Phil’s expression, “how’s that working for you?” If you are comfortable in your situation, no need to change. However, my personal experience and many testimonies from acquaintances and clients has led me to notice a trend. There is often some correlation between a cluttered house and a cluttered mind.

If you feel stressed, out of control, or angry at your spouse or your children, take a moment of introspection and plug the state of your house into The Model that we discussed last week. How is this making you feel? Do you want to clean because you don’t feel good enough based on the cleanliness of your house? That is the very first thing that needs to change!

Just like when I coach people who want to lose weight and help them replace their subconscious thought “I hate my body” with “I have a body,” you will be able to approach the goal of a clean house by replacing “I have to clean” with “I get to clean.” Someday if you’re lucky you might end up like my husband David, who says “I love to clean.” I’m still working on it.

The key here is to move yourself to set your house in order from the place of yes, the place of an abundance of love. It will be SO much easier for you to invest that time in the eternal task of cleaning if you choose to do it because you want to do it.

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