People have a lot of feelings about laundry. Washing clothes for one person is a stressful task in its own right, and the more people there are in your household, the more the pile (and the stress) grows. I asked you, my listeners, to tell me your feelings and describe what laundry is to you, and many of you responded that you feel overwhelmed or like the laundry is never-ending. This is totally understandable! This and other household chores have been the bane of my existence — so much so that for the first few years of my marriage to my husband David, most of the fights were over distribution of the household workload.

According to master life coach Brooke Castillo’s CTFAR Model, circumstances may trigger thoughts, which in turn affect feelings, actions, and results. Say in your circumstance you have 60 articles of clothing in your hamper. Absent the control and peace afforded by active mind management, you may see this full hamper and say “there’s too much,” and so of course you will feel overwhelmed!

My pitch to you with this episode is that you, as the master of your thoughts, have ultimate control over your state of mind. I’ll invite you to plug laundry into The Model, process your emotions with this most grueling of household chores, and do the same for other matters that stress you out.

The laundry is never going to go away, but your own active mind management can make your stress about the laundry go away, and help you achieve even more of the peace of mind you need in your life. Do not stress! There is no finish line.

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