You may sit and wonder — how did your parents do it? The sheer amount of decisions you need to make as a parent (first for your children, then with them) may be overwhelming. Should I use cloth or disposable diapers? Co-sleep or a separate crib/bed? Nursing or formula? Television watch time quota? Allowance for chores? The list goes on and on.

When discussing the conundrum of making decisions for and with your children, I often think about a well-known axiom attributed to Aristotle. “To avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” But where’s the fun in that?! There is no way to avoid judgment from parents, peers, or even the random person at the grocery store when parenting, but that’s okay! This experience is a refiner’s fire by design.

The universe is pushing you to find the abundance of love and compassion you need to give yourself and your kids. If you are engaged and trying to figure out what works for you, you’re already doing great!

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