Parenting is a wonderful, glorious, grueling challenge. Our children rely on us to help them learn to manage their emotions and make rational decisions when they cannot do so alone. Despite your inward drive toward perfection, parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be enough, and “enough” is well within your capabilities! As you come to have an abundance of love and compassion for yourself, you will be able to extend the same to your spouse and children.

I’ve titled this episode after Hal Elrod’s amazing book The Miracle Morning, which details “lifesaver” techniques for drastically improving the quality of your day. Hal’s six S.A.V.E.R.S. are Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. It is an excellent book which I highly recommend! I have adapted the principles in Hal’s book to my own life.

Each day, I cultivate my own “miracle morning” with my GMPW regimen, which I call “Good Morning, Pretty World!” In this episode, I’ll discuss the GMPW component parts of gratitude, meditation, prayer, and working out, and why it is vital to devote time to yourself in order to maximize your capabilities.

Your daily “conscious brain” time is bookended by periods in which your unconscious brain cedes and then regains control at the beginning and end of the day. Learn to talk to both parts of your brain kindly when your brain is most malleable — that is, when waking up and falling asleep. As you are open, vulnerable, kind, and loving, your family will be too. Model and embody it and they will mirror it back to you.

Remember, don’t let your takeaway be “this is the one way.” As always, I hope that my main message with Harmony in the Home is that there are an infinite number of right ways to parent. You’ve got this.

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