This will be my second Q&A episode, and I have some great questions from listeners to discuss with you!

Before I started my journey with my own coach back in 2013, I was paralyzed with fear that I was a bad mom. I was convinced that my happiness and fulfillment depended on external circumstances. I thought that perhaps I would be happier if I set my house in perfect order, or changed my husband or my children. But anyone can tell you it’s impossible to change other people — and a house is nothing but a collection of temporal possessions.

With the help of my coach, by my personal study, and by adapting what I knew as a teacher and counselor, I came to the shocking realization that my thoughts, not my circumstances, controlled my feelings. As I learned to have the same grace and compassion and empathy for my children and myself that I had so liberally bestowed upon other parents and their children, I no longer felt the burden of mommy guilt. I didn’t need to rely on my children as a metric for my competence as a parent.

I often feel like an Olympic ceremony runner tasked with passing the torch to mothers (and fathers) parenting from mindsets plagued with paralyzing fear that they are bad parents — this is the place of no I talked about last episode.

I want you to be able to say yes. I want you to know that if you care about your children and worry that you’re a bad parent, you are already a good parent. Above all, I want you to face your inward fears of inadequacy and say no, I’m kicking booty at this.

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