I hear from 100s of parents everyday frustrated with their child’s behavior.  The email starts with “How do I get my child to stop ________?”  Or blame the child for the adult’s behavior like “if they would just do _____ then I wouldn’t have to yell or call them names.”  When you see it written out like that then you realize that the child has all of the emotional power.  It is up to the child to determine how we behave. 

This is reactive and disempowering for the parent and for the child.

So many parents want the child to change and then the parent will change their behavior, but once we drop our ego and realize we have to go first then parenting becomes super empowering.  I will teach you how to lean into the pain so the pleasure will come later instead of leaning into the pleasure because the pain will come later and come stronger like a tidal wave!

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