A lot of times  we are asked to wear masks as a child and we unconsciously wear them because they act as an oxygen mask to seek security and stability and love.  When we grow up, we still have those masks and then expect our children to wear them too because we aren’t even aware we even have them on and assume that is what the child is supposed to do. Some examples of masks could be, but not limited to:

1. The Cool Guy

2. The Humorist

3. The Overachiever

4. The Martyr

5. The Bully

6. The Control Freak

7. The Self-Basher

8. The People-Pleaser

9. The Introvert

10. The Social Butterfly

I’ll help unpack these masks and how they serve us, but also how they hinder us from being vulnerable in our closest relationships.

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Source: https://psychcentral.com/blog/the-10-masks-we-wear/

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