I loved teaching reading when I taught first grade.  I used a couple of different approaches with my first grade team so their reading levels and scores would soar to the highest level possible for each child.  Even though they all came to me at varying levels, my first grade team worked together to find their sweet spot of learning to give them books at their “just right” spot so they were never bored and never overly frustrated. THe same works when we are teaching kids about their emotions. 

The best way to have more harmony in  your home is to teach kids how to self regulate their emotions .  We can do that together as we get in alignment with our emotions then we can teach our kids how to do the same and pull from the strategies that we model, guide them through and as they practice them independently.

I break this down on how it looked in the classroom so you can transfer that same skill set around your children in your four walls; where all the magic happens to create an emotional literacy lab right under your nose.

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