I love helping people lose weight.  I have been coaching people for almost 7 years to help them to lose anywhere from 1 pound, 10  pounds and sometimes even over 100 pounds, but the process and the mindset is always the same.

I have realized that when people complain about their weight issues, but are not taking the steps to fix it then the weight is actually unconsciously serving them because it is acting like a shield for them in a way and they don’t even realize it.

My good friend wrote a blog post about it that opened my eyes and has helped so many of my clients unlock what was holding them back while losing weight. I go over that blog in today’s episode and I’ll expand more about how to end emotional eating  next week.

Here is the blog post if you want to follow along with the episode and if you want help to lose weight, then email me at coachingkelly@aol.com and we’ll get you setup to start right away to unlock the barriers that have been holding you back.  

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