I tried to be the perfect parent to my own kids for years and always came up short. I wasn’t even close to being perfect and often felt like I was failing with a giant F most days!

I have found a beautiful way to be a perfect parent while still being imperfect with our actions being B-! It will take the pressure off of your shoulders and allow you to give the same gift to your children. I would’ve given a million dollars to have this information when my kids were younger and love paying it forward to you to take the pressure off of your shoulders and that same pressure from your children.

Leave me a review on your thoughts and I can’t wait to see you float away from your lightness you’ll feel once you remove the pressure cooker out of your house.

Brene Brown’s Book that put me into perfectionism rehab: https://tinyurl.com/BreneBrownGiftsOfImperfection

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